Anna Sargsyan

Anna Sargsyan

Senior Fellow

2007 Fellowship Program fellows

Educational Problems of Disabled Children: A Comparative Analysis of Yerevan and One Region /draft/

Anna Sargsyan will investigate the educational problems of home-bound (disabled) youth in Armenia. Using a variety of data collection tools (questionnaire based surveys, interviews and focus groups among disabled children, their parents, family members, teachers, social workers, doctors, psychologists, policy makers and NGOs), the researcher will evaluate the current level of education, as well as the learning needs of disabled children in Yerevan and in one region of Armenia (Hrazdan). She will use the results of this research to determine possible and realistic pedagogic approaches and other strategies to promote education for home-bound disabled children and include them in the country’s educational system. The findings of this research, along with policy recommendations, will be disseminated to the respective policy makers, donors and NGOs in Armenia , which may help them to design and implement policies supporting the educational rights of disabled children in the country. The researcher will also submit an article to a peer-reviewed publication.

Email: [email protected]