Dr. Armen Ktoyan

Dr. Armen Ktoyan

Senior Fellow

2005 Fellowship Program fellows and their research topics

Strengthening Welfare Policies in Armenia with the Use of a Multifactor Index (full text paper) | Articles

The purpose of Armen Ktoyan’s research is to develop a population welfare index for – Armenia and its regions – to serve as an information resource to help improve public policies relevant to the provinces of Armenia . The fellow proposes to reach this aim by developing start-up indicators, by developing an overall multifactor indicator, by calculating the value of a multilateral index for Armenia and its neighbouring countries ( Armenia , Georgia and Azerbaijan ), and by conducting a cross-country analysis. The research team intends to use statistical and econometrical methods to create dynamic indexes. The research team will suggest an overall indicator that will be based on population income, education, health, environmental protection, civil freedom and human rights factors. The team will produce a final report on research results, a recommendations paper for policy makers and three articles to be published in various journals and magazines. The research team will also conduct a public presentation based on research results for members of the scientific community, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Dr. Armen Ktoyan holds a PhD in Economics and a Diploma of Honour from the Yerevan State Institute of Economics. He has participated in various conferences on economical issues.

E-mail: [email protected]