Dr. Masis Poghoyan

Dr. Masis Poghoyan

Senior Fellow

2005 Fellowship Program fellows and their research topics

Antidemocratic Electoral Technologies in RA | Informative materials

The purpose of Masis Poghoyan’s research is to contribute towards free and transparent political campaigns and democratic elections in Armenia . The fellow proposes to reach this aim by studying the ?dirty? or ?black? political technologies as they are known, as well as the motivational reasons for people to participate in elections. The fellow will conduct this research by using qualitative sociological methods such as an expert interview and a focus group. The fellow will try to provide a complete description of political technologies that are used during election campaigns and forecast the technologies that could be used during the next elections. The fellow will attempt to define the main factors that contribute to the effectiveness of election technologies. The fellow will produce a final report on research results, a recommendations paper, as well as brochures to be distributed to policy makers and the public in general. The fellow will also conduct a public presentation to present research results.

Dr. Masis Poghoyan holds a PhD in Sociology from Yerevan State University . He has published several articles related to the political elite in Armenia as well as its structure and stratification.

E-mail: [email protected]