Gyulnara Hovhannisyan

Gyulnara Hovhannisyan

Senior Fellow

2006 Fellowship Program fellows

Gender Issues of the Pension System of the Republic of Armenia

Gyulnara Hovhannisyan will analyze the pension system in Armenia to better understand the role that gender plays in pension security and predict how the pension reforms currently being implemented in Armenia will affect women. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, she will study how effective the pension system in Armenia is from a gender perspective. Taking into account that radical reforms are currently being implemented in the pension system of the Republic, Ms. Hovhannisyan will also study gender-related problems that are emerging as a result of the implementation of the new system. It is expected that findings of this research will help find solutions to gender related problems existing in the pension system, thus, helping to eliminate gender disparities. The fellow will produce an analytical report, a book, a set of policy recommendations and a will jointly publish a paper with her international colleagues.

Ms. Hovhannisyan holds a Ph.D. in Economics and currently works as an Associate Professor in the Department of Labor Economics of Yerevan State University of Economics. She has extensive experience in conducting research in adjacent fields of social studies.

Email: [email protected]