Mr. Ruben Karapetyan

Mr. Ruben Karapetyan

Senior Fellow

2005 Fellowship Program fellows and their research topics

Socio-Cultural Trends in Armenia Between 1980 and 2005 Articles | Outputs

The overall aim of Ruben Karapetyan’s research is to reveal social and ethnic profiles of the Armenia ‘s urban population between 1980 and 2005. The research team proposes to reach this aim by studying of the following factors: demography, social and economic trends, culture, modern spiritual culture, psychology, and public consciousnesses. It is anticipated that these variables ? that have been used in surveys in the past (namely in1980 and in 1994 ) will be assessed. An additional sociological survey will be conducted during the course of this research project. Data available from all three panel surveys will be archived and analyzed using the SPSS software package. Based on research results, the research team will produce a final report, a recommendation paper, and a series of articles to be published in various journals and magazines. These products will be disseminated to members of the research community and to policy-makers.

Mr. Ruben Karapetyan is highly qualified in the field of research/analysis. He has participated in over 12 broad-range sociological studies as an author, head or participant of research projects. He has over 19 scientific publications in various periodicals.

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