Mr. Sergey Harutyunyan

Mr. Sergey Harutyunyan

Senior Fellow

2005 Fellowship Program fellows and their research topics

Effectiveness of Election Institutions in Armenia: Perceptions in Yerevan | Articles | SPSS Databases | Presentations

The purpose of Sergey Harutyunyan ‘s research is to study general perceptions and expectations related to current election institutions in Armenia . The fellow proposes to reach this research objective by answering the following questions: What are the main parameters and concepts of election institutions? How can we estimate the effectiveness of these institutions in Armenia ? What motivates a person to participate in elections? To conduct this research the fellow will conduct a quantitative sociological survey in Yerevan and will produce a working paper and two articles that will be delivered to the research community, policy makers, and various universities. The fellow will also develop a database of the collected information and conduct a public presentation for CRRC beneficiaries.

Mr. Sergey Harutyunyan holds a MA in Sociology from Yerevan State University . He has several years of work experience as a researcher/sociologist.

E-mail: [email protected]