Sonya Msryan

Sonya Msryan

Other Fellow


CRRC-Armenia Research Fellowship on Civic Engagement in Local Governance

Sonya is a PhD student at the Chair of Applied Sociology, Faculty of Sociology of YSU (Major: Methods of Sociological Researches). She holds BA degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, YSU, then continued her education at the Faculty of Sociology receiving MA degree in Sociology. She has studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Currently she works at the Armenian Territorial Development Fund as a sociologist, being involved in the implementation of communal development projects. Her main research interests encompass multivariate analysis methods of quantitative data, mathematical modeling in sociology, and social impact assessment of development projects. Sonya is an advocate of the idea of lifelong learning and has a strong belief that one should be involved in formal or non-formal educational activities through one’s entire life and should keep on working on self-development.

“Public Awareness and Participation in Local Self-Governance: Multidimensional Approach” by Sonya Msryan in Armenian.

Presentation in Armenian.