Tatevik Zohrabyan

Tatevik Zohrabyan

Senior Fellow

2012/2013 Fellowship Program fellows

Determining Factors Influencing the Female Labor Force Participation in the South Caucasus

Examining Factors Impacting Female Attitudes toward Having a Job in the South Caucasus

Tatevik Zohrabyan will address two principal topics in her research: the socio-economic determinants of female labor force participation in the South Caucasus and the factors that impact females’ perception that men are more entitled to employment when jobs are scarce. Her hypothesis is that variables such as age, level of education, marital status, geographic location, and household size and income impact these two topics. She will use both the logit and ordered logit models in this study and anticipates that the results will be used by interested government and non-government bodies who seek to promote equal opportunities and utilize available labor resources efficiently.