2022 National Campaigns on Shrinking Civic Spaces

2022 National Campaigns on Shrinking Civic Spaces

Date: 01-03-2022 - 30-12-2022
Status: Completed
Funder: CPDE
Impact area: Civic Engagement
2022 National Campaigns on Shrinking Civic Spaces

The “2022 National Campaigns on Shrinking Civic Spaces” project is implemented by the Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia (CRRC-Armenia) in partnership with the CSO Partnership for Effective Development’s (CPDE).


The general objective of the project is to provoke a public discussion among CSOs and citizens about internal and external challenges faced by the civil society within contemporary Armenia. The desk research and the actions towards this will lead to the renewed understanding of the status of shrinking civil space in Armenia and steps to hinder the process.

The specific objective is to present research results of the studies conducted in Armenia by CRRC-Armenia and other research organizations to stakeholders and to create a platform of discussion of priority topics, regarding challenges faced by the civil society. A video recording of a discussion and an article will be disseminated on social media platforms addressing civic space and ongoing civic actions, etc.

The Action

The action will combine major research results on the current status of CSOs role in Armenia’s political and social scene, reflecting on situational challenges and their consequences to the CSOs work and related state bodies delivering services to the society.

Among the activities are a desk research, which will lead to an interview/discussion with relevant CSO representatives on the new role of CSOs in Armenia on Boon TV, a leading media platform, dedicated to science and society. Outputs of this discussion and research will be presented in one of the leading magazines in the country, EVN Report.