Customer Satisfaction Survey at Border Crossing Points

Customer Satisfaction Survey at Border Crossing Points

Date: 01-01-2017
Status: Completed
Funder: ICMPD (implemented by Caucasus Research Resource Center-Georgia)
Impact area: Capacity Building Migration Transport and Infrastructures
Customer Satisfaction Survey at Border Crossing Points

Project Description

CRRC-Armenia, in cooperation with CRRC-Georgia, is implementing customer satisfaction survey for International Center for Migration Policy Development’s (ICMPD) Eastern Partnership Integrated Border Management Capacity Building Project.
The project is aimed at capacity building and enhancing the training capacities of the national agencies in each EaP country that are involved in border management, such as border police and customs.The survey serves as a monitoring mechanism to assess the long-term impact of the EaP IBM Flagship Initiative program. The objective of the survey is to measure the level of satisfaction of customers with infrastructure, procedures and performance of staff at the border crossing points (BCP).


Two hundred face-to-face interviews are conducted with adults (+18), who had just crossed the BCPs in Armenia-Georgia Bagratashen border and Zvartnots International Airport. The questionnaire (which was employed by ICMPD in 2012 during the survey on the same topic) had been provided by the ICPMD.


  • Questionnaire
  • The database in SPSS