Media Preferences Survey

Media Preferences Survey

Date: 01-09-2021 - 31-01-2022
Status: Completed
Funder: USAID
Impact area: Media


The project is designed to collect data for the “Media Initiative Center” NGO within the framework of MICE project aimed to improve the quality of media products and support generating alternative content about the Government of Armenia’s policies and planned reforms; increase citizens’ and CSOs’ knowledge and skills to make them savvy media consumers; engage journalists and active citizens in the production of multimedia content that stimulates a vibrant discussion in society about the reforms; and equip media with skills to conduct reliable fact-based reporting and digital storytelling.


  • Conduct an endline study for the Client via collecting and analyzing data on the level of awareness of the society and the accessibility of information about social, local governance, transparency and accountability reforms, as well on the general attitudes on the media;
  • Prepare and conduct a countrywide household (HH) survey among 1200 households;
  • Develop a questionnaire that will reveal the level of citizen’s awareness, attitude, expectations from media, its role in strengthening the civic engagement in reform processes in Armenia;
  • Conduct fieldwork among 1200 households;
  • Archive the collected data, and provide data charts and graphics to the Client;
  • Prepare a brief analytical report that reflects the main findings of the survey;
  • Present the findings and the analytical report to the MIC and other stakeholders.