Pre-election Public Opinion Poll

Pre-election Public Opinion Poll

Date: 01-06-2021 - 18-06-2021
Status: Completed
Funder: Management Systems International
Impact area: Politics


Field a representative CATI survey with citizens of Armenia to better understand their attitudes and perceptions during the pre-electoral period. These data will inform the work and engagement of MSI, a Tetra Tech Company, regarding the situation in Armenia. Particularly, public perceptions about the pre-electoral political situation in the country, political participation, security and foreign policy issues will be revealed.


  • Conducting 700 interviews throughout Armenia (gathering data representative at a national level) with exceptional attention to detail to ensure obtaining valid data.
  • Draft a topline summary of the methodology (including margin of error) and summary of findings;
  • Develop, pretest and finalize the CATI questionnaire;
  • Recruit and train interviewers;
  • Finalize the sample design and develop the sample and fieldwork plan;
  • Conduct the fieldwork questionnaire via tablet and the CATI technique;
  • Develop data collection report;
  • Archive, clean, weigh and code the interview data;
  • Preliminary analysis of the received data to prepare analytical charts and tables.